The Bright World of Metals 25 - 29 June Düsseldorf/Germany 2019


Visit us Stand A29 in the Hall No.5

Dear Sirs,

We would like to thank you for visiting our booth at METEC 2019 held in Dusseldorf, Germany during June 25 to 29.
We are so honored to have presented you our latest technologies as well as our concept film, “The Future of Steelmaking”, showing our contribution to customers’ steelmaking in the future by TMEIC digitalization; integration of the digital innovation and our decades of metals knowledge and experiences.

Here below, all the films demonstrated in our METEC booth are available. We hope you would enjoy the films. And we wish we can continue contributing to your metal business today and in the future as shown in the films.

Yours truly,

TMEIC Metals Team

2027 - The Future of Steelmaking
(Concept film of our future vision in metals)

Full Version
(10:00 min.)

(Prologue & Episode 1 to 3)

2019年6月25日から29日の間、ドイツ・デュッセルドルフで開催されたMETEC 2019(国際金属製造・冶金技術機械展・会議)において、TMEICが出展・公開した動画をご案内いたします。この動画は「The Future of Steelmaking」(未来の製鉄の現場)と題し、8年後における未来の製鉄現場を描き、TMEICが目指す未来の鉄鋼産業への貢献を描いたコンセプト動画になります。
  • ■ Episode 1 - Inheritance of knowledge
    ( 3.35 min.)

    Episode 1 - Inheritance of knowledge
    (with Japanese subtitles)

    The TMEIC diagnosis system is activated when a maintenance worker brings in a replacement part to investigate its malfunction. Enhanced by a skilled worker’s knowledge and experience, the TMEIC system find the fundamental cause after its first diagnosis.

  • ■ Episode 2 - Everlasting bonds
    ( 3.01 min.)

    Episode 2 - Everlasting bonds
    (with Japanese subtitles)

    A corporate director (former engineer) receives a message of a steel plant line stop while at an executive meeting. As he receives reports on the impact investigation and restart of operation through the TMEIC monitoring system, he recalls an engineer with whom he worked years ago when the line started up.

  • ■ Episode 3 - Speed of Arrow
    ( 2.47 min.)

    Episode 3 - Speed of Arrow
    (with Japanese subtitles)

    An early warning alert suddenly goes off in a supervisory room of a hot strip mill line. Under an urgent situation just before possible big “walking” trouble, can the TMEIC plant control system assist an operator and his manager to make a quick decision appropriately?

Other films demonstrated at METEC 2019