Akira Kawaguchi

Akira Kawaguchi
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial

In October 2023, Toshiba Mitsubishi-Electric Industrial Systems Corporation (TMEIC) marks its 20th anniversary. We deeply appreciate everyone’s unwavering support and cooperation over these 20 years, as the world underwent significant change. This milestone could not have been achieved without our valued customers, and for this we are extremely grateful.

Over the past 20 years, TMEIC has not only further developed the industrial systems business inherited from Toshiba and Mitsubishi Electric at its founding but also successfully expanded into the renewable energy sector, including large-scale solar power generation and battery energy storage systems, establishing it as a new pillar of the Company’s growth. We have also been actively establishing and expanding bases worldwide, broadening our presence in the global market. On the back of these efforts, as of fiscal 2022, the business scale of the TMEIC Group has nearly doubled relative to its early years, demonstrating significant growth.

Moving forward, TMEIC is embarking on a new challenge to achieve a carbon-neutral society. Leveraging the engineering expertise, systems technology, power electronics and rotating machinery technology we have cultivated, we will further evolve and play a significant role in addressing this social issue.

The tagline of the TMEIC brand logo, “We drive industry,” expresses our commitment to contribute to the progress of our customers and society as a driving force in the industry through our systems and solutions.

TMEIC will continue to take our utmost efforts as an industrial systems integrator to build relationships of trust with our customers and contribute to the sustainable development of a global society. We sincerely appreciate your ongoing support and cooperation as we forge ahead.


Manmeet S. Bhatia

Manmeet S. Bhatia
President & CEO
TMEIC Corporation Americas

It is a great pleasure to celebrate TMEIC’s 20th anniversary with our customers worldwide. This milestone provides us with a unique opportunity to extend our gratitude to you, our loyal customers, for placing your unwavering trust in TMEIC over the past two decades. We have proudly grown together, adapting to changing times and evolving needs, and your partnership has been invaluable to our development. Your trust and confidence in us have been the driving force behind our success, and we look forward to remaining your partner of choice in the years ahead. Our team of outstanding employees remains committed to you and the industries you serve. Your ongoing quest for quality, reliability, safety, and innovation will remain our primary focus and motivation.

As we step into the future, we maintain our commitment to providing state-of-the-art products, systems, services, and advanced technologies that support your goals and objectives, and the transition to a low-carbon world. We will continue to prioritize efforts to enable a more sustainable future and remain dedicated to deliver innovative solutions by investing in best-in-class technologies, attracting and retaining a world class workforce, adhering to responsible business practices, and operating with excellence.

Thank you again for being an integral part of TMEIC’s success. Together, we will continue to drive industry forward.

Hemant Joshi

Hemant Joshi
Managing Director

I am thrilled to extend my warmest greetings on the momentous occasion of TMEIC's 20th Anniversary. Two decades ago, we embarked on a journey to transform industries through cutting-edge technology and with unwavering dedication. Today, as Managing Director of TMEIC India, I stand in awe of the remarkable milestones we've achieved, and I am filled with gratitude for the trust you have placed in us.

Our success story is inseparable from the partnerships we've cultivated. Your unwavering support has been the bedrock of our achievements. We deeply appreciate your trust, collaboration, and the insights that have guided us to constantly raise the bar.

As we look to the future, our aspirations remain resolute. TMEIC India is committed to pioneering solutions that redefine industries and drive sustainable progress. Our goal is to continue empowering your growth through innovation, reliability, and unparalleled service.

With your continued partnership, I am confident that TMEIC India will continue to be a beacon of innovation and a driving force in shaping a brighter, technologically advanced future.

Here's to 20 years of shared success and to the limitless horizons that lie ahead.


20th Anniversary Video

20th anniversary video


20 Years of TMEIC

Introducing the history of TMEIC since its founding in 2003


About the 20th Anniversary Logo

TMEIC held an anniversary logo contest as an official partner of Paralym Art based on the themes “20” and “growth.” Mizuki Mizuno’s work titled “Ongoing Growth: The Next 20 Years” was selected as the overall winner among the 96 entries. This design is now being used as the anniversary logo.

Winning entry in the anniversary logo contest

“Ongoing Growth: The Next 20 Years”
Mizuki Mizuno

Interview with Mizuki Mizuno

Where did you draw inspiration for your artwork?

I designed the artwork with the motif of the sun and a path.

Please tell us about the concept behind your artwork.

The 20 shades of orange represent “the sun” and “energy,” while the path stretching towards the sun symbolizes the journey of 20 years, expressing brightness, growth, gratitude and a leap into the future.

The design is simple yet highly visible, leaving a lasting impression on customers, making it suitable for long-term use. Its versatility allows for easy application across various media without compromising its impact, whether in monochrome or color.

Can you share your thoughts on this achievement?

I am deeply grateful for the tremendous support and guidance from everyone that led to receiving the Grand Prize in this contest. I will continue to devote myself even more to design and illustration work in the future. Thank you very much for this opportunity.


<Paralym Art>

Paralym Art is a general incorporated association that aims to create a world where people with disabilities can fulfill their dreams through art. It conducts social contribution activities that promote the independence of people with disabilities, relying on continuous cooperation from private companies and individuals rather than social security payments.

TMEIC supports Paralym Art activities as an official partner. At this time, we have the selected following two art pieces based on the themes of “carbon neutrality” and “growth,” which are being used for various activities such as commemorative gifts.

「多様星」作者 林谷 隆志さん
Artist Takashi Hayashitani

「多様星」作者 林谷 隆志さん
          The tree of dreams
Artist Misato Shikata